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Postbank will take care of the lake of Pancharevo with the support of Sofia Municipality

September 13, 2008
Postbank will take care of the lake of Pancharevo with the support of Sofia Municipality

Employees and guests of the financial institution took part in the cleaning up and development of the area around the lake  


Employees and guests of Postbank gathered together for the official launch of the programme of the financial institution for environmental protection. Some of the volunteers took part in the cleaning up of the lake with boats and water wheels, while the rest took to cleaning up the surrounding areas. The bank officially inaugurated the newly built playground and picnic site next to the "Beach" bus station and made a long-term commitment to the maintenance of the area. The bridge next to the Pancharevo Municipality was also renovated as part of this project.    


Mr. Boyko Borisov, the Mayor of Sofia and Mr. Stanimir Peev, the Mayor of the Pancharevo Municipality, were the distinguished guests for the occasion. They expressed their support for this initiative to the financial institution.


"I believe that all of you already know that Postbank belongs to Eurobank EFG Group, which considers environmental protection as one of its major priorities. This is why our Group has incorporated a comprehensive environmental policy as an essential part of its strategy for corporate social responsibility. This is what Postbank is also determined to do in Bulgaria", stated Anthony Hassiotis, Postbank CEO and Member of the Board of Directors.


In 2008 Postbank launched its Integrated Environment Protection Programme, which is going to be further developed. It includes lasting commitment to care for the Pancharevo Lake and the surrounding area, the use of certified paper from sustainably-managed forests, the use of energy-saving light bulbs, recycling of paper and technical equipment, etc.


Postbank's Programme is an expression of the institution's commitment to corporate social responsibility in Bulgaria as well as its strong commitment to environmental protection and improvement of the living conditions in the country. This is the second long-term programme for corporate social responsibility following the successful High Start with Postbank Programme, which aims to support secondary education in Bulgaria and is being carried out for a fourth consecutive year under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science.