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Managers Teach Business to Students from Training Companies

June 24, 2008
Managers Teach Business to Students from Training Companies

Today, the first Business Hour took place this time organized by BBLF and the Bulgarian Training Firms Net. The event was attended by students from training companies from the National Trade and Banking High-school in Sofia. Mr. Florian Fichtl, Country Manager, World Bank Office Bulgaria had a two-hour lecture in front of the students sharing his working experience, presenting various research results about the Bulgarian economy and labour market. The young people were vividly taking part in the business hour by asking Mr. Fichtl different questions.


The project Business Hour is a part from the ENGAGE campaign of the International Business Leaders Forum of the Prince of Wales, which main aim is to increase the extent and quality of BBLF's member companies employees' involvement in the development of the sustainable community. Its main objective is to meet the employees of BBLF membership companies with the students from the professional high schools, in order to provide them with information on the latest development of each business sector and quality advice on their future development.


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