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UNDP Global Compact and BBLF come together at first 'CSR in Action' national conference

27 април 2004
UNDP Global Compact and BBLF come together at first 'CSR in Action' national conference
Business leaders get together to share experience
on making honest and responsible business in Bulgaria

27 April 2004   Nine leading companies made presentations of their SCR projects in the frameworks of a meeting organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Bulgaria.

Representatives of the Bulgarian and international business, the government, a number of NGOs and diplomats took part in the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in Action' national conference in the National Art Gallery in Sofia.

"I am glad to see the strong commitment of the private sector in Bulgaria  in its work towards sustainable development , social integration  and  implementation of the new EU business standards.

The UN private sector initiative of Global Compact has in just over a year  identified a lot of good will and corporate social responsibility initiatives which are positively affecting social development and economic growth in Bulgaria," said UNDP Resident Representative in Bulgaria, Mr. Neil Buhne.

"What we are currently doing at BBLF is what Bulgaria will actually be as of the beginning of 2007. We observe our responsibilities to our current businesses and to those who work at our companies. But we are also responsible to those who come after us and will govern Bulgarian business in the future. That is why we created the Business Ethics Standard. That is why we motivate our members and the whole society to be responsible, ethical and decent in their business activities," said Mr. Maxim Behar, Chairman of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.

Danone, Citibank, Radio FM+ and Overgas gave presentations of their socially responsible activities.

Mr. Neil Buhne awarded Global Compact Good Practices Certificates to six companies doing business in Bulgaria:

 Radisson SAS
 Sofiyska Voda

They were distinguished for their success in employing socially responsible practices in Bulgaria, in accordance with the UN Global Compact principles.

Mr. Kevin Starling (General Manager, Sofiyska Voda) and Mr. Neil Buhne after Sofiyska Voda was awarded the Global Compact Good Practices Certificate.

An item on the conference agenda was also the presentation of the Internet edition of BBLF's Corporate Social Responsibility Directory. The project has been carried out in cooperation with UNDP and the Bulgarian Charity Aid Foundation. You can find extensive information about our members' CSR activities at www.bblf.bg/csr.

The printed edition of the CSR Directory is expected to come out in September 2004. 

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