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The Balkan Hub: Interpartners Pioneers Communications Agencies Network in the Balkans

October 10, 2019
The Balkan Hub: Interpartners Pioneers Communications Agencies Network in the Balkans

Seven agencies team up to serve businesses with a regional scope

With a brief business forum in Sofia on 8 October, Interpartners Group hosted the start of an alliance of Balkan communications agencies under the brand The Balkan Hub and with the motto United Marketers of the Balkans. The alliance includes the initiator Interpartners and also the agencies WhiteAd (Greece), Media Concept Store (Romania), Domino Communications (Serbia), New Moment Albania, New Moment Skopje (the Republic of North Macedonia) , Communications Lab (Croatia) & PR Ileitisim (Turkey).

Following 27 years of development in the market at home, and a few successful projects in neighbouring countries, Interpartners believes it is now the right moment for partnerships strongly focused on the Balkans. The step is taken against the background of the inspiring example of Bulgarian companies (some of whom clients of the Group) who have taken foothold in the challenging regional market.

Commenting the establishment of the Balkan network, Katya Dimitrova, Managing Partner of Interpartners Group, said: “We strongly believe in the potential of the single Balkan market, its strategic importance for local companies, as well as the added value that an integrated communication approach would bring to existing and potential clients. Together with our partner agencies in the region, we are responding to this need, building on our shared experience so far. "

With its new initiative, Interpartners Group becomes the first Bulgarian communications group to pioneer and engage in an affiliate network seeking to cover the Balkan region.

About Interpartners

Established in 1992 as a full-service advertising agency, over the years Interpartners has developed its own specialized brands: Interimage, PR, TVLowCost, and since 2016, in-house video production under the name WOW Videos. The clients of Interpartners include the American University in Bulgaria, Nedelya Pastry Shop, INTERSPORT, Saint-Gobain Glass, Britos, the European Commission, the National Revenue Agency, the Belgium-Bulgaria-Luxembourg Business Club among others. The team is a dynamic staffed with young professionals with a vision for the future.


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