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Unique scholarship for talented students abroad hands first 2004 cheque

12 октомври 2004

The ‘Hristo Botev' Foundation and the M3 Communications College have joined hands in a unique project for sponsoring talented Bulgarian students majoring in humanitarian sciences at high-ranking European universities.   This year, the BGN 1,500 cheque was granted to a Bulgarian student at the Libera Universita di Lingue e Comunicazione in Milan, Italy.   ... прочети

BBLF 6TH GENERAL MEETING - Maxim Behar, A Larger Board and A Deputy Chair

08 октомври 2004

  After its 6th General Meeting, the BBLF woke up with Maxim Behar as its unanimously elected new old Chairman, Maria Shishkova of AIMS Human Capital as its Deputy Chair, Gilbert McCaul of KPMG as a Controller, and an expanded Managing Board of 16.   "It is a great honour to be elected again for a three-year term in the office. I accept this as an evaluation o... прочети

Companies can hire international interns for free in March'05

06 октомври 2004

The Bulgarian Training Centre (BUCT), member of the BBLF, provides Bulgarian companies with the opportunity to hire an international intern for the period March 14 - April 8, 2005, free of charge.   BUCT have been mediating a proposal on the part of the Essen Economic Development Corporation located in E... прочети

Mtel Donates BGN 200K for Social Needs

27 септември 2004

Bulgaria's largest GSM operator Mtel donated a total of BGN 200K for social needs Monday.Half of the amount will be allotted to the opening of a Guide-dogs Training Centre in Bulgaria, said Mtel Chief Commercial Officer Michael Foley, after handing the 100K cheque to Ms. Albena Aleksieva of the ‘Eyes on Four Paws' Foundation. A second cheque for 50K was signed for the national campaign ‘Wa... прочети

BBLF and BCVB Sign Agreement for Cooperation

21 септември 2004

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) and the Bulgarian Convention and Visitors Bureau (BCVB) have signed an agreement for joint work toward promoting the brand "Destination Bulgaria" around the globe. The two major business associations declared readiness to cooperate in the organization of meetings and seminars, exchange of information and ideas. BBLF and BCVB have adop... прочети

BBLF Puts education high on priorities list

21 септември 2004

More than 150 companies backed up the changes in the Bulgarian education system, as initiated by Finance Minister Milen Velchev, it transpired at the official business luncheon of the BBLF with Mr. Velchev and Education Minister Igor Damyanov on Sept. 21st, at the Sheraton. "The BBLF appeals to the Government to set the reform in the educational system as its top priority," BBLF Chairma... прочети

HEAL Partnership Launches in Sofia Schools

15 септември 2004

BBLF, Astra Zeneca, Aqua Source and Ms. Iliana Raeva, National Eurhythmics Team Coach launched the HEAL Project in two Sofia Schools on the first day of school year, Sept. 15, 2004. The HEAL Partnership Project (Healthy Eating! Active Living!) is the first-ever attempt in Bulgaria to educate the school generation about how to take care of their health, maintain good physical shape, sta... прочети

BBLF Back-up for Velchev on Education Reform

16 август 2004

More than 140 leading companies in Bulgaria, members of BBLF, voiced their support for Finance Minister Milen Velchev's initiative for emergency reform in education.    "We believe that if we all work together - state institutions, business and media - we will be able to help young people to successfully pursue their professional careers in Bulgaria," stated in his let... прочети

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