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BBLF Chair Meets President Bush and Chancellor Merkel

06 май 2006

BBLF Chairman Maxim Behar joined the American Jewish Committee's centennial dinner in Washington, attended by President Bush, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.   "It is a great honor to receive the invitation from the Executive Director David Harris and I accepted it with great pleasure. I am sure that thousands meetings I had in Washingto... прочети

Nikolay Vassilev: E-government Will Reduce Corruption

26 април 2006

In order to tackle corruption in the Bulgarian state administration an e-government should be introduced quickly and successfully, Public Administration and Administrative Reform Minister Nikolay Vassilev said.During the Annual General  Meeting of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF), Vassilev outlined three key steps that have to be undertaken for the e-government to laun... прочети

Electricity Distribution Stolichno with Internal Ethical Code

13 април 2006

An ethical code of CEZ GROUP, which sets the conduct rules of the employees in the company, was introduced to Electricity Distribution Stolichno. The ethical rules will be accepted soon in the two other companies of CEZ GROUP - Electricity Distribution Sofia Region and Electricity Distribution Pleven.   These laws include the relationships between employees and consumers, ... прочети

Business for Independent Accountancy

11 април 2006

BBLF Executive Director participated in a discussion and press conference regarding the state control over accountancy and auditing in market economy conditions. The event, organised by the Institute of Certified Accountants today, was on whether it is necessary to restore the state powers in this specific field.   Stamen Tassev stated that BBLF members make transparent and so... прочети

Less Cash and Business Ethics Education against Corruption

31 март 2006

BBLF Executive Director took part in the Eight Anticorruption Policy Forum held on 21 March 2006. Organized on an annual basis, the Forum is a high profile public event for anti-corruption initiatives, supporting the efforts of civil society and public institutions in the fight against corruption. In his address to the meeting Mr. Tassev recommended to decrease cash payments in ord... прочети

Corporate Culture Issues Explained with Regard to Nationality

27 март 2006

On April 3-4 the BBLF member Julian Genov will be a key note speaker at a seminar on the topic of "Organizational Behaviour in Real Life". Main goals of the seminar are: to create better prospective of the significance of personal values for the particular person's behavior in the organization and reveal the truth about the popular conception of corporate culture in contradiction to the common ... прочети

Bulgarian Stock Exchange Recognises BBLF Business Ethics Rules

19 март 2006

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange Executive Director Bistra Ilkova and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Viktor Papazov were handed the unique BBLF Business Ethics Standard during a special meeting between the BBLF Managing Board and the management of the Stock Exchange.   The two parties met to discuss their mutual cooperation in the light of EU joining and found out that... прочети

Student Companies Handed the Business Ethics Standard

15 март 2006

For the first time representatives of the secondary education joined the BBLF Business Ethics Standard at a special ceremony on March 14. The BBLF Chairman, Maxim Behar handed the document, outlining the main principles of business conduct, to Ivan Arsov, Principal of the National Financial-Economic High School in Sofia and to representatives of all the thirteen training companies run by studen... прочети

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